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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things that should change or be added in Destiny

Here's what will be an ongoing list of things I think should be added to Destiny to make it a better experience:

- A better chat system. Chat should automatically be enabled for fireteams. I shouldn't have to exit out of Destiny to start a snapchat or something in order to talk. This is especially the case for my friends! Why is it so hard to talk in this game?!

- More public events. I have loved every public event I've participated in. There are so much fun and really bring the game in as a community. Why, oh why, after almost an entire day's worth of gameplay entirely as single player have I only been in 4?! Crank the event knob to 11 already!

- More of everything. I want more missions, more strikes, more raids, everything. I'm sure this will come true but the bigger the game, the more likely more people will want to join.

- I would also like what I call World Events. These would be like a public event, but it would be a planned thing on a much larger scale. It would run for like a week and you could participate in it. You would get put into a map similar to a story mission where you would have to coordinate with the 15 other people in the world to achieve something awesome. Off the top of my head I am thinking of events where a city is being invaded and you are trying to defend it with everyone. On Mars maybe you can use the trenches and fortifications in front of their base. You could man turrets and vehicles and the enemy would have the same. It would allow for some truly epic battles that could really make this game something special.

- I need a mini map. Seriously, I should be able to bring one up. It's easy to get lost.

- I want the Fallen to actually climb around the map like they are supposed to. Not run around like Covenant enemies but crawl around like how we were introduced in the first Russia mission.

- I want weapons and armor to list exactly what you will get if you salvage them. It is nice to see that I will get some ascendant shards or whatever if I destroy something, but I'd like to know how many because it definitely varies.

- Strike Boss Loot table or actual decent loot. People complain about the loot cave but if there were actual good rewards for doing other stuff they would get done. Nightfalls can give you great stuff, why not a strike? You stand a much better chance at getting stuff from the loot cave than a strike. I would love it if there was a unique armor set or weapon set for every strike boss. That would add a lot of replayability.

- The ability to skip cutscenes

- An easier way of using ammo synthesis. I don't have the time to open up a menu, scroll over, and then hold a button to use it.

- Raid matchmaking. Everyone knows how to beat the raid already, make it easier to find people to play with.

- Some more story or cutscenes in the raid. I want there to be a story as well!

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