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Monday, November 6, 2017

Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Maligus vs Furios Pack Analysis

So we finally have the full spoiler list for the new Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Expansion! I am very excited to pore over the new stuff. Just like last time we shall have to wait for the art to come in, but in the meantime we can speculate and analyze the new cards. I will have an article for each of the new packs. The fourth, and final pack of the released cards so far is the Maligos vs Furios Pack. This is one of the packs that should be available around December. Here we go:

Maligus vs Furios pack

Fiery Demise 
Wild Event
Deal 3 damage to a target.
Draw two cards.
Hey, another draw-2-and card! These are always great. I think I like Wild’s other one Smash and Burn better, but this definitely plays into the burn deck archetype more. It’s a solid card that can either give you removal and cards, or straight damage and cards. Unlike Smash and Burn, you don’t need more Wild cards to fully benefit with this, so it can be included in any deck and be a decent choice. Obviously, this is a great card to have in Limited. This is like the perfect anti-Thought Plucker card, if only it was free, lol. 

Greater Lightning Wurm 
Wild Wurm Champion
Loyalty 2 → Deal 6 damage to a target.
Yay more Wurms! I always love the visuals and theme of these guys, so I can’t wait to see the art. This is on the lower end of the stat spectrum for Wurms, which is pretty crazy to think about, but it’s still pretty devastating. Like its Burrowing cousin, it provides a huge, if not slow, Breakthrough Champion, and if you can hit the loyalty, THIS one at least can deal some damage. Using Final Task with this will be quite lovely. That is 6 damage to a target, not just a champion, so defending decks beware. If you can hit the loyalty, this is a decent draft in Limited, but like Burrowing Wurm, I would not go crazy trying to get it. I would rank it higher than the Burrowing, but probably lower than the Rampaging.

Kalani, Woodreader 
Wild Elf Champion
Opponents cannot gain health.
Now that is a much better Elf name than Burger, Or Bagel, or whatever that other guy’s name is. This was also spoiled a while ago, although at the time it was just called Elf Shaman. I like this one better, although the visual in my head of an elf trying to read a piece of bark is not very flattering, but I’m sure the art is amazing. This is a very simple, but awesome, card. 5/5 0-cost Blitzer is going to be tough to deal with without spending gold, and then while it is around your opponent, and your opponent only, cannot gain health. This card sounds like it was made in the days of Kark’s reign, but it will hold its own in the current meta. I think there is a viable strategy in just playing this guy and never attacking with it, forcing your opponent to take him out, or risk never healing. I shall enjoy putting this into my aggressive Wild decks and watch my opponents squirm as they force themselves to Drain Essence the elf, all the while letting some other giant Wild Champion in for the kill. Since this card requires no loyalty, this is a solid Limited draft choice as well.

Herald of Angeline 
Good Angel Champion
Airborne – Righteous
Tribute → Reveal the top three cards of your deck. You may choose a good card among them and put it into your hand. Banish the rest.
Ok how many angels is this? This is another Scrying-like Champion, this time for Good, I do not like that 5 defense, and although it has Airborne and Righteous, I feel as though it will do nothing other than help you draw a card you need. That is very important for sure, but I think Good has so many other great 1-cost cards, that I doubt I personally could make room for this in my decks. Maybe if it had Ambush or Blitz, now THAT would be Epic. It is a fairly weak Limited choice except for the Airborne, which automatically makes it not-so-bad. 

Angeline’s Will 
Good Event
Gain 10 health
If it’s your turn, banish target expended champion. If this is the first  card you’ve played this turn, gain  that may only be used to pay for good costs.
This is the last “Will” card, and the card I got to spoil for this set, a few hours before the entire set was spoiled anyway, lol. Anyway, you can check out my review of it, but in short I love the card. Yes, it doesn’t have a draw 2 option, but it just does so much else. Removal while allowing you to play another Good card, or +10 health? That is quite the swing any way you put it. I don’t usually try to build Good decks, but this card makes me want to try. Could Kark have a revival with this card? This is also a solid choice for Limited, maybe even more so, than some of the other “Wills”. My favorite is Gareth in theory, but we’ll see if that changes in practice.

Knight of the Dawn 
Good Human Knight Champion
Tribute → You may banish target evil token champion.
Another Kickstarter brought to life! This guy hits hard and removes tokens that are not really being used for now. It should be noted that it gets buffed by the countless Good human buffers in the game. I love that Good is getting some offensive power in this set, and I look forward to seeing what people can do with it. This is a solid choice in Limited as well. It requires no loyalty, could possibly take out an opponent, and hits like a truck. In fact, I think it hits harder than any other Blitzing 0-cost Champion. It’s a great way to start off a turn. Your opponent can only take so much damage from 0-costs before they spend their gold first.

Scara’s Gift 
Evil Event
Deal 2 damage to target player.
Gain 2 health.
 → You may banish two other cards in your discard pile. If you do, Recall.
I love this card. This may have been the first card that had my mind racing for combos and breakages. This is just a huge health swing for a 0-cost card. Yes, it does not remove anything from the board, but a 4 point health swing for free is a big deal. Plus, you can get it back for a Recycle-like ally trigger. This and the Steed of Zaltessa make me think they want Evil to start doing more direct damage decks. I’m inclined to give them a try. I think this is a fine choice in a Draft. Without Evil it is greatly diminished, but if you have a lot of Evil, this will cause a lot of havoc. 

Krieg, Dark One’s Chosen 
Evil Human Mage Champion
Tribute → Put two zombie tokens into play.
 → Put a zombie token into play. Your zombie tokens gain blitz, +1  and +1  this turn.
I hope this art portrays Krieg from Borderlands 2, but I doubt it. Fan art maybe? This is another token generator. I like zombie tribal decks, and I missed out on doing a Halloween themed deck, so maybe this guy can join in for next year. I feel like using this card along with Scara’s Will shall be fun. That’s a lot of zombies and breaking. I’m unsure if this card would make it into a competitive deck, but I still really like the card. I think it’s a nice card for Limited as well. I love the guys that put in tokens, as it is very difficult to get rid of all of them, and you usually can start giving your opponent a death by a thousand paper cuts. Plus, this guy can keep churning out new zombies, while making the existing ones much harder to kill. A 3/3 is so much better than a 2/2. 

Dark One’s Fury 
Evil Event
Draw two cards.
If it is your turn, break all non-evil champions.
This feels similar to Raxxa’s Displeasure, except this gets all non-Evil stuff, rather than just all non-Demon stuff. Slightly different ability, although if you are facing a non-evil deck, and that’s what you are playing (like a zombie deck), this card could be amazing. In Limited, unless you specifically have Evil on board, and your opponent doesn’t, this card is a draw 2.  

Erwin, Architect of War 
Sage Human Champion
Tribute → Recycle
This card has all alignments, even while it is in your hand, deck, or discard pile. (During deck construction, it is only sage.)
I love the adaptability of this card, and it was an ability I have been talking about having in Epic for a while. I am glad it made it. This is the only card in this set that has this, but I look forward to more. This is a weenie blocker of a card, but it Recycles, and it allows you to use it for any Loyalty for any alignment. That will be quite useful. It’s cards like these that will allow deckbuilders the ability to have 4 colors in their decks, and still use Loyalty triggers. I don’t think this card is broken or anything, but it is a welcome addition. This is a great card in Limited as well. In a mode where Loyalty triggers are so hard to come by, this card could be a life saver. 

Ethereal Dragon 
Sage Dragon Spirit Champion
Airborne – Ambush – Untargetable
I am very happy about another Dragon. In terms of visuals, they are my favorite tribal in Epic I think, and I can’t wait to see what this one looks like. The Dragon Soul from Gems of War anyone? Anyway, this thing is a beast. Such a simple card, but this is a huge pain for your opponent. 8 defense is tough to crack, Airborne along with it and there are very few that can beat it in a fight, and no targeted removal for you. I could easily see this being put in “Reel Steel” decks (Happy, Dixon?). It doesn’t hit as hard, but add in some Winds of Change and you could have a monster. This is also a very solid pick in Limited. Sure, it doesn’t have card draw, so you have to be wary of that, but this card could crush your opponent if they don’t have sweepers or combat tricks or very large fliers. This will be a popular pick in Limited. 

Scrap Golem 
Sage Construct Champion
Loyalty 2 → Blitz
 : Banish a card from your discard pile: Put a scrap token into play.
 : Recall
Scrap Golem Token 
Sage Construct Token Champion
 : Banish a card from your discard pile: Put a scrap token into play.
And lastly, another Kickstarter card brought to life. I love the idea of this card. I hope someone can build an awesome deck with this card. I also hope we get enough tokens for such a deck as proxies suck. This gets my vote for the next alternative art card, so we can all build up our stock. It’s also a decent card. It comes in and you can most likely get another scrap golem. If both of them survive to your turn, that’s two more. It could get ridiculous. 5/5 stats are pretty brutal, and it’s the best token we have so far in that regard. I’m also very glad they created a separate token for it, because now all of the alignments have tokens! The deck will probably fail in practice, but I’m looking forward to giving it a try. It’s a decent card in Limited simply because if left unchecked, you will have an army of minions at your disposal. You will be really hurt by discard pile banishing effects, but those are less likely (although there are more and more every release). Recall abilities are always welcome in Limited in case you don’t have gold to spend for some reason.


Well, that is all the packs of cards that have been released so far. My MVP for this pack is Kalani Woodreader. I plan on trying this elf in a number of decks. However, Angeline's Will is the card I am most excited to see how it can be abused. I think this is a very solid set, and a welcome addition to Epic. I can't wait to get my hands on it, and am very sad it won't be until well into next year. Some year maybe I will qualify and get to worlds.

Just FYI, the reason I said "cards released so far", is because in May/June of 2018, we should get the rest of the packs, which include the god/demigod cards from the kickstarter. I'm guessing there are some other cards as well, and these cards as a whole should give players the opportunity to play Epic in a different way. I am looking forward to what we shall get in those, and you can bet I will write an article or two discussing them. Just so you know they are called:
  • Pantheon: Shadya vs Valentia
  • Pantheon: Riksis vs Tarken
So thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these articles and I hope it gets you thinking and excited about the new set. What cards are your sleeper choice? What cards are your MVP? What combos or decks are you most excited about trying out? Anyways, I need to rest my hands. Thanks again for reading, and happy gaming!

Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Zaltessa vs Helena Pack Analysis

So we finally have the full spoiler list for the new Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Expansion! I am very excited to pore over the new stuff. Just like last time we shall have to wait for the art to come in, but in the meantime we can speculate and analyze the new cards. I will have an article for each of the new packs. The third is Zaltessa vs Helena Pack. This is one of the packs that should be available around December. Here we go:

Zaltessa vs Helena pack

Ambush Party 
Good Human Event
Put three human tokens into play.
Your human champions gain Blitz this turn.
Your good champions get +2  this turn.
Draw a card.
Yay, more human token love! I still don’t really see them becoming competitive, but one of these days someone is going to bring a human deck and people will have forgotten to be prepared for it, and it will win. Heck, at this past Gencon, I made it to the top 4 in Limited using a bunch of drafted human token cards. I actually really like this card, and will be adding it immediately to my fun human token deck. It gives you more tokens, gives them Blitz, makes them stronger, and most importantly, replaces itself with a card, which is always the bane of these decks. Now it doesn’t give your tokens any defensive help, which is probably the number 1 reason why these decks don’t do well, but if your opponent already spent gold, dealing 9 damage and drawing a card is pretty good. This is also a decent card in Limited as well. It requires no loyalty or anything, and just puts bodies on the board and draws a card. It is a solid choice.

Cast Out 
Good Human Event
Put two human tokens into play. Banish target champion with  less than or equal to the number of humans you have in play.
 : Draw two cards.
This is a card that definitely gives some fun options to the human token decks. You can quickly have the ability to get rid of some major champions for a 0-cost card. At the very least you can get rid of any 2 or less health champion for a 0-cost card, PLUS put 2 weenie blockers into play. This is a solid card whether or not you play human tokens. This is an excellent choice to draft in Limited as well, probably more so than even Constructed. You can pretty much guarantee that you would need/use this card during play, and any card that removes a threat, while putting threats on the board, is a key to success in Epic. Plus, you can always use it to draw 2. This is one of the best cards in the set in my opinion.

Helena’s Chosen 
Good Human Champion
Tribute → Draw a card
Loyalty 2 → Blitz.
Your other good champions have +2  .
 : Put two human tokens into play.
Here is another helper for human tokens. This feels similar to a lot of those guys like Rabble Rouser, Gladius The Defender, The People’s Champion, Paros, Standard Bearer, etc. Helena’s Chosen draws a card, which is very important, but is rather bland for everything else. I just think there are a lot better 1-cost Good token generators/buffers. For Limited, any card that draws a card while putting a body on the board is ok, but there are just so many better cards in Epic. Ironically, I can’t imagine this would ever be chosen. 

Alchemist Assassin 
Sage Human Champion
Blitz – Unblockable
: This card gets +7  this turn.
This card seems like fun. By itself I don’t think it is great, simply because it can be killed too easily, and it is competing with other Sage 0-costs, of which there are many great ones. However, if you combine this with Brave Squire or the new Force Lance ( +2 strength and unbreakable if it is your turn), then this card gets scary. It is unblockable, which seems to be the theme of this set, and since this is a 0 cost with Blitz, this can threaten more quickly and cheaply than the others. I’m not sure it can replace the Shadow Imp in my opinion, but I could see this card being abused. Spending your Gold along with Brave Squire on this guy after your opponent spends gold for example has a 15 unblockable, unbreakable champion going in. That is crazy. I’m sure there are others that could abuse this card. It’s a worse card in Limited, as I said without some support, this card dies too easily to other stuff. But still, anything with unblockable can be powerful.

Gareth’s Will 
Sage Event
Draw two cards.
If it is your turn, return target champion to its owner’s hand. If this is the first  card you’ve played this turn, gain  that may only be used to pay sage costs.
Ooo, how fun! I love these new “Will” cards! This card was spoiled by Tom Sorenson, who pretty much covered everything you need with a ton of detail. I highly recommend checking it out. However, in my quick review: I really like this card. Yes, it is a 1-cost Vanishing, but triggering those Sage ally abilities is huge. I can play Gareth’s Will after I attack with a Shadow Imp or do damage with a Forcemage Apprentice, then return a target champion (which could also be my own), AND then untap the apprentice and return the Imp safely to my hand. And THEN still be able to spend my gold on a Sage card. The potential for abuse here is awesome. I can’t wait to try it out. It may not pay off in the end but I am probably the most excited about this card. In Limited this is a solid card as well. It’s a draw 2 in a pinch, and on offense, with almost any other Sage card, it will be a positive swing. I expect to see a lot of this card at worlds.

Mystic Researcher 
Sage Human Mage Champion
Tribute → Draw a card.
Loyalty 2 → Blitz
 : Draw a card.
As long as you can hit the loyalty, this card can give you a draw 2 with a body on the board, with the potential to draw multiple cards. Since you have to exhaust it to get that second card, the body hardly counts, and that defense is so very horribly low. I do not think I could afford to put this card in a competitive deck as there are just too many better options. However, it is a decent choice in Limited.

Bruger, the Pathfinder 
Wild Elf Champion
Ambush – Unblockable
Tribute and/or when this card damages an opponent → Your Wild champions get +3  and +3  this turn.
Although Bruger has the worst elf name in history, and will be called Burger, or Bruger’s Bagels, or some other levity-inducing name, it’s actually a pretty decent card for specific decks. I could see this guy in wolf decks, and with Kiera becoming legal (that sounds dirtier than it is), I could see this being a solid addition. I love Ambush, and I love Unblockable, and this has both. He has fairly generic stats, but giving a boost to your other (hopefully plenteous)  wolves on board, this guy earns back his gold. I look forward to seeing what Tom Sorenson can do to improve his wolf deck that he managed with which to do well at Gencon! Since this specifically only helps Wild champions, I don’t think it’s a great choice in Limited, but Ambush and Unblockable is still something your opponent will have to deal with. 

Herald of Lashnok 
Wild Beastman Champion
Blitz – Breakthrough
Tribute → Reveal the top three cards of your deck. You may choose a wild card from among them and put it into your hand. Banish the rest.
I want to see the art for this guy, as beastman seems awfully similar to Minotaur, and I am sure I would rather just have him be a Minotaur. I am reminded of the Bellowing Minotaur with this card. You get another Blitzing/Breakthrough Champion with similar stats, and although he cannot be recalled for gold, and he does not boost your other wild guys, I actually think I like this better. Card Draw is so important in Epic, and not only do you get to draw a card, but you get to choose which Wild card you want (provided you have multiple Wild cards in the deck). This does mean you give your opponent some information, and it means you have to fairly heavy in Wild in order to make sure you get to draw a card, but I love Champions that draw cards while coming into play. I think this is a solid choice in Limited as well for the reasons I stated above. You will want to draft some more Wild cards to go along with him, but those are usually desirable anyway. 

Hunting Pterosaur 
Wild Dinosaur Champion
Ambush – Airborne
Tribute → You may break target champion with 2  or less.
I remember when I first saw this guy I thought he would change the game. Now, several expansions in (this was a Kickstarter promo FYI), there are a lot of cards that do similar stuff, but this is still a solid card. You will run into 2 health champions a lot in this game, and not only does this dino get rid of them most likely, but you get a hard hitting 4/3 flier on top of that! Not mentioned that it Ambushes, which means you can use it to remove blockers, be a blocker, or use it in response to anything such as Muse and Thought Plucker. This is an awesome card, and although Wild has a lot of solid choices, this card could easily find its way into competitive decks. I think it’s even stronger in Limited, for the reasons above. It also does not require any loyalty or any other requirement, so it’s a top draft choice. I’m very glad to see this “little” guy become legal (again with the unintended inuendos). 

Dirge of Scara 
Evil Demon Event
Draw two cards.
 : Recall.
When this card leaves your discard pile → Put a demon token into play.
I want someone to write this dirge, or maybe the flavor text will have it. I’m sure it’s hilarious and not mournful at all. I’m pretty excited about this card, as it’s a nice punishment to Thought Plucker. If you have to discard it, you do so, then spend your gold to pop it back to your hand for no card loss, and get a demon token for your trouble. This is in the same vein as Ancient Chant, where you get to draw cards, and then when it leaves the discard pile, you get something else. Which means, it shall have the same weird rule when it combos with Lesson Learned, which is really cool. So while this card is in your discard pile, and you target it with Lesson Learned, you will get 2 cards and 2 Demons tokens due to it popping out of the discard pile before resolving, and then being banished, which nets that demon trigger twice. That is a pretty awesome deal. Demon Tokens are very hard to deal with, and you get 2 cards on top as long as you use Lesson Learned? I will be adding 3 of these to my demon token deck along with 3 Lesson Learneds for sure. This is also a solid Limited card as well since you always need card draw, you always need anti-Thought Plucker, and cards that allow you to draw 2 and then something else are always good. I hope to see someone abuse this at worlds.

Steed of Zaltessa 
Evil Demon Champion
Airborne – Blitz
Loyalty 2 → Deal 5 damage to target player.
When this card deals damage to a player → They cannot gain health this turn.
Now we’ve seen this before, although it has had a name change. It was called Steed of Scara, so I’m not sure why it got changed, since we see Scara in this set as well, but whatever. It does all of the same stuff as before. It is similar to Strafing Dragon, except it has slightly better stats, can only target a player, is missing Ambush, and prevents health gain for the turn. In the days of Kark this would be better, but now-a-days I think I would prefer Strafing Dragon. However if you need some direct damage in your Evil deck, this is your demon. I think it could be a solid choice in Limited despite it being Evil, simply because of the Airborne and decent statline. With more Evil it becomes very good.

Necromancer Apprentice 
Evil Human Champion
 : Banish target card from any discard pile. If that card is a champion, put a zombie token into play.
We have seen this before, as it was a Kickstarter Promo, as well as a participation promo in tournament kits. I could field an entire army of these things, although I’m not sure I want to. It’s not an awful card, as any discard pile banish is good, plus you can create a token out of it, but those measly stats along with a lot of other fine 0-cost Evil champions, just leaves me wanting more. It’s a solid choice in Limited though, as discard pile banish and token generation becomes a lot more important.


And there we go for pack three. My pick for MVP is Gareth's Will. I can't wait to include this in my deck and see how it does! What do you think? Do you have a favorite card? Did I miss an obvious interaction or play? Are you as excited as I am about this set? I hope you enjoyed reading this, stay tuned for the last pack for the cards revealed so far, and happy gaming!

Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Scara vs Angeline Pack Analysis

So we finally have the full spoiler list for the new Epic: The Card Game Pantheon Expansion! I am very excited to pore over the new stuff. Just like last time we shall have to wait for the art to come in, but in the meantime we can speculate and analyze the new cards. I will have an article for each of the new packs. The second is Scara vs Angeline Pack. This is one of the packs that unfortunately will not be available until February/March 2018 (unless you qualified for Epic Worlds). But anyway, here we go:

Scara vs Angeline pack

Angeline’s Favor 
Good Event
Target Champion gains airborne, +2  and +2  this turn.
 : Draw two cards.
This card is very intriguing. I always love combat tricks, and although it would not be the best to play this while there is a blocker, I think it still qualifies. Adding wings to something makes Faithful Pegasus, but it was always limited to humans. Now we can add wings to anything! That 18/18 Burrowing Wurm now has a thousands of tiny centipedal wings, Velden the giant Viking can now take his attacks to the dragons in the sky! Anything that gives a champion some evasion can be abused. Where Brave Squire makes you Unbreakable, you can still be chump-blocked, but getting Airborne makes it far less likely. The stat gain is minimal but can something make a difference. And the option to draw 2 cards is just icing on the cake. I expect Tom Sorenson to make good use of this card since he loves combat tricks probably more than I do. 

Silver Wing Guardian 
Good Angel Champion
Airborne – Ambush – Righteous
Tribute → Gain 4 health
Yet another angel, although this might be favorite. 6/6 stats with Airborne is tough to kill, and the combo with Ambush and Righteous is unheard of. That is a lot of keywords. Plus, no matter what, you are gaining some health. You could easily gain 10 health on the turn you play this thing, and then it’s around for your opponent to deal with later. This is a solid champion that does not require any dedication to Good either, which is huge. For that reason, this card is a great Limited draft pick. Everything about it is desirable in Limited. And although it doesn’t break the game, it can give you a significant edge to survive and win.
Silver Wing Lancer 
Good Human Knight Champion
Blitz – Unbanishable
Unblockable by champions with  less than this card’s  .
If I had to guess, I would guess this card is the sliver of a card image we see on the main spoiler page as the image of one of the packs. I think we see a knight riding a unicorn? I could be wrong, but I’m expecting some sweet art with this card. This is another one of the big Unblockables in Pantheon. This knight is more easily blocked by various creatures, but that added on Unbanishable begs to be abused with banishing sweepers. Like New Dawn perhaps? The slightly lower, but still intimidating stats, are required due to this thing also having Blitz. That alone could make this the best of the large Unblockables. Unblockable, Unbanishable, and Blitzing 10 strength will be very hard to deal with. If you add some Unbreakable or Untargetable like Good is fully able to do (Priest of Kalnor), you could be looking at some very short games. Also, without needing any loyalty, this is a top tier draft choice in Limited. If your opponent plays gold first on your turn, this is quite the punishment. Plus, those large stats makes it difficult to remove it. I expect great things from this card. 

Force Lance 
Sage Event
Target champion gets +2  this turn.
If it is your turn, it also gains unbreakable this turn.

This may get my reward for most anticipated card. It is so simple, but so important, especially in this set. I greatly value combat tricks and card draw, and this gives us both. That is a hard thing to come by. As much as I love Brave Squire, Rage, Lash, and even the new Angeline’s Favor, they still cost a card. Force Lance gives you one of those wonderful combat tricks in Unbreakable, but also allows you to recycle. There have been times in deckbuilding where I want to fit in Brave Squire, but just couldn’t justify throwing in a bunch of 1-cost Good cards. Those same decks frequently have room for Sage cards though, and this now serves a very similar purpose (Thought Plucker anyone?). If people don’t think this is a great card initially this is definitely my sleeper pick of the set. This is on par with Spore Beast in terms of what it will do to the meta (maybe slightly less, but still). Great card. This is also an absolute beast in Limited and a first pick in my opinion. Watch out for this one!

Steel Titan 
Sage Construct Champion
Unblockable by champions with  less than this card’s  .
This was one of the first spoilers we got of Pantheon, and it was a great precursor to what this set brings: Giant Unblockable Champions! Due to a autocorrect faux pas, this card will be forever known as “Steel Tits” in our play group, and the immature little boy in me laughs every time. That being said, this card is a beast. This is another poster child for the “Real Steel” decks. Although it is incredibly slow, it is awfully difficult to get rid of. Untargetable is the most difficult evasive ability to deal with in the game, and only indirect removal can get at it. Thank heavens for board sweepers. But still, this card will cause a lot of problems. If you can draft this in Limited, you will be on your way to victory. I love Steel Golem, but it can be blocked too easily, and the same is for Sea Titan. Not so much with this. Plus, a little Winds of Change, and all of a sudden Hurricane can’t even get you. Plus, the art is sweet. I can’t wait to see what people do with this. 

Sage Event
Remove target champion from play, then return it to play prepared (as a new champion) under its owner’s control. It gains Blitz this turn.
You may expend that champion. If you do, draw a card.
Here is another Kickstarter promo that finally made it to the set. We are one step closer to the infinite loop win that is way above my pay grade in terms of understanding the mechanics. However, we can breathe a sigh of relief for now, as we are still missing some  components. This card was also changed (probably in response to the winning combo). The card used to allow you to draw a card at the end automatically, which I think was a pretty important part of that combo. Now, you at least have to expend the champion. I still really like this card though. I am sure there are a lot of cool shenanigans that can be used with this card. You can use it to bring Helion back to steal a champion for a turn, you can bring back your Strafing Dragon for more damage, Your Marcus can banish more tokens and draw another card and attack, and the list goes on. You can also use it against your opponent. As long as the champion doesn’t have too much of a negative on it, you can pop it back to play, expend it (possibly freeing up space for an attack), and then to top it off you can draw a card as well! Very fun. I can’t wait to pop my opponent’s Kong back when it’s the only champion out there, forcing it to damage itself, expend it to draw a card, and then finish it off with a Wolf’s Bite or something. You can also use this as a combat trick if your big guy gets chump blocked. Just pop him back and attack again! This is a solid card in Limited as well, since there is no loyalty or other alignment requirement.

Herald of Scara 
Evil Demon Champion
Tribute → Reveal the top three cards of your deck. You may choose an evil card among them and put it into your hand. Banish the rest.
We have a couple of cards like this. It is a very useful ability that allows you to filter your deck, choose what card you want, and then banish the rest. Before, I believe it was only Sage that had this ability like with Arcane Research and Mist Guide Herald, but now Evil has it too. This is quite a huge flier. Only Thundarus has more strength, and Draka ties it. Although it doesn’t have Blitz, or any other keywords, that Airborne with 7 defense will help it survive, but it’s that card draw that I really like. In a competitive deck, you will most likely put a lot of Evil cards in there to make sure you get what you need. This is a very good establishing card that doesn’t set you back in terms of cards in hand. I think this is a solid choice in Limited as well, provided you have some Evil to fully benefit. If not, it’s a still a giant flier. 
Scara’s Will 
Evil Event
Draw two cards
If it is your turn, target player breaks a champion they control if able. If this is the first  card you’ve played this turn, gain that may only be used to pay evil costs.
Here is another “Will” card. This one allows you to force your opponent to break a champion they control, a great way to get around those pesky Untargetable Champions, provided they don’t have some dumb weenie token that they can break instead. Evil does have some desirable ally triggers that can benefit from this, and heck, you could use it on yourself to break your own Soul Hunter and still have Gold to spend on Evil stuff. I think all of the “Will” cards can have a place in decks, as doing something for essentially free, is always going to be good. I think the ally triggers are going to be the best part of this card. You can get more zombies out with Plentiful Dead, you can trigger almost every other Evil card in this set multiple times as well like Scarred Priestess, Scara’s Gift and Krieg (which we’ll get to later), and any number of other stuff. I love a good themed deck, so I look forward to seeing what people do with this. As with all of the other “Will” cards, this card is good in Limited, and much better with more cards in its alignment.

Scarred Cultist 
Evil Human Champion
Loyalty 2 → Return target  champion from your discard pile to your hand.
This is harder hitting, harder to trigger Corpse Taker. At worst this is a 6/5 0-cost body, which is decent, and if you can hit the loyalty you can get another champion from your discard pile to your hand. I don’t particularly like this card. I think I’d rather have Corpse Taker. The same goes for Limited, but if you can hit the loyalty, it’s always nice to do the Sea Titan combo: ie play Scarred Cultist and bring back your Sea Titan, then target the Scarred Cultist and return it to hand, giving you unlimited Sea Titans. This combo is devastating in Limited, and although it is harder to pull off, it is still something to keep in mind.

Flames of Furios 
Wild Event
Draw two cards
Deal 7 damage to each champion. Deal damage to each player equal to the number of their champions broken this way.
I always like board sweepers, but 7 damage misses a lot of Champions, or at least, a lot more than Hurricane, with which it compares. If your opponent is playing a ton of tokens, this card wrecks, but right now the meta hasn’t favored that style of play. When it does, expect this card to be prevalent. I think this card has more utility in Limited, as going wide, or at least having lots of bodies in play, is very desirable, and you should usually be able to wipe the board, and deal some damage to your opponent. At least it has the draw 2 option as well, so it can never be too bad of a pick.
Keira, Wolf Caller 
Wild Human Champion
Ambush – Blitz
Your wolf tokens have blitz, +1  and +1 .
Tribute → Put two wolf tokens into play.
Yay, Kiera is allowed! Wolf-tribal enthusiasts rejoice. This was a promo card and has been drooled over for a while, because it finally allows you to really put a wolf token deck into the forefront. Tom Sorenson used wolves to do well at Gencon in the Constructed Event this year, and I’m sure he would have done much better with this card in his deck. This is just a fun card and I’m very glad it’s getting into the game. She is also a solid choice in Limited as well. I love tokens in Limited, and she creates some, and boosts the existing ones. Playing her on an empty board when your opponent has already spent gold on your turn can let you inflict 10 damage to your opponent and have 3 bodies on the board. That is quite nice. 

Stampeding Einiosaurus 
Wild Dinosaur Champion
Blitz – Breakthrough
Yay for more Dinosaurs. I have yet to look up what this Dino looks like, as the kid in me cannot recall (probably not found/named yet). This guy hits all of the Dino checkboxes: Big stats, Blitz, Breakthrough. Simple and devastating. Great Horned Lizard is obviously a good comparison. You get 1 more strength, although lose the Tribute of helping your other Dinos. However, you retain these stats after your turn, while GHL becomes paltry in comparison. This is an awesome gold punisher, and will fit into a lot of aggressive decks. Since it has no card draw though it will compete with GHL, and the Ambush and stat boost on that makes it better than this Dino in my opinion. Still a fun card though. This is also a solid pick in Limited. This guy could cause your opponent a lot of issues. 


So that is it for our second pack. I think the MVP of this pack for me is Force Lance, but all in all this is an awesome pack. What do you think? Do you agree? Did I miss something? Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, and happy gaming!