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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Destiny Multiplayer and lvl 26

So yesterday/early this morning I finally gave Multiplayer a try. My primary reason for this was because I maxed out my Vanguard marks for the week and although I don't care that much about multiplayer, playing it can give me crucible marks. Crucible Marks can allow me to purchase some pretty sweet high end gear and since I am limited with Vanguard it might make sense to get something else so I can get as high of a lvl as possible in time for the raid or the weekly nightfall strike.

In Multiplayer you at first only have the Control mode unlocked, which is basically a capture and hold mission that lasts 10 minutes. It's a fun, simple, and familiar mode that anybody with multiplayer experience will be able to catch on. There are 3 points on the map and you have to capture them and kill the opposing team for points. At the end of 10 minutes the team with the most points wins. It is a 6v6 swirl of a game that occupied my time for 5 matches as I had a bounty giving me rewards for just that.

After that you can unlock the other modes. And, keep in mind, that you do not even unlock multiplayer until like lvl 4. You need to complete a couple of missions and lvl up to get your super ability as well as your special weapon. This isn't a bad thing really as trying to play multiplayer without your super ability or without at least the minimum of weapons would be dumb. As it is I would recommend starting it after you've unlocked several of your abilities, as they translate into multiplayer. I am not sure how exactly the game is scaled, but your skill build tree definitely translates into multiplayer, so me upgrading my Golden Gun to cause explosions when I kill an enemy is a beautiful thing, as is my cloak of invisibility while using my Blade Dancer:

But anyway I managed to start playing multiplayer, already looking quite awesome and decked out from all my time in PvE. And it didn't really help. Sure, I got over a 1.0 K/D ratio, but I consider myself a fairly decent video gamer with lots of experience playing the various Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Titanfall, etc games. I still did not do very well. I was usually low on the totem poll for my team (although in my defense I was defending and capturing points a lot). It was still decently fun. Right now the meta is all shotguns all the time with assault rifles mixed in. It's very much like Halo, which isn't a bad thing if you like that.

Right now I am lvl 26, and now am running into the issue of having decent armor and weapons, but no way of upgrading them. They all require various ascendant materials, which are very hard to come by. I have 3 armor upgrades for several of my armors and they all require 6 ascendant shards among other things. I have one shard and 4 energy. It's gonna take a while I'm guessing. I still have my leg armor to upgrade to a legendary status but I need more vanguard marks to do that. Soon, assuming that the limit on marks gets lifted after today.

I also managed to snag my first legendary the Mask of the Third Man (
I got this gem from Xur Agent of Nine who is this really cool ringwraith/cthulu looking NPC that sells exotic and other legendary items. It cost me all my strange coins but it was totally worth it. I may suck at Multiplayer but I look dang impressive.

Tuesday marks the availability of the raid. I hope my clan has enough people to do it. I think I'm ready to at least give it a try. I can't wait.

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