The Amazing Spider Tank

The Amazing Spider Tank
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 3 and Destiny Events Inbound!

Ok I finally got to lvl 23. In the first day I beat the single player campaign and did all the strikes and such and was at lvl 20. In day 2 I started to try and get high end equipment and made it to lvl 22 early on in the day. I did a ton of exploring which doesn't yield good stuff, but then spent a lot of time in the strike playlist, which was awesome.

I just couldn't find good loot however. I kept getting green engrams and the blue ones were nothing special. I sat with 8-9 light on all my equipment and just couldn't get forward. I played the heroic weekly strike solo (didn't know you could bring a fireteam), and although it took over an hour, I finally beat it. Then on my next strike I managed to get a decent piece of armor with light on it and it pushed me to lvl 23!

Now I just need to get some decent weapons. I'm hoping to be able to move up to the lvl 24 strike playlist soon as I'm sure I'll get better gear that way. Plus it's double the marks which I desperately need to make sure I hit the 100 cap before the week is done.

The biggest news of the day, however, was the announcement that Destiny Events are Inbound! I am referring to this released article:

Just look at all that new stuff! Obviously I don't care that much about crucible stuff so probably half of this stuff I won't check out, but the Vault of Glass and Queen's Wrath have me very interested. The first Destiny raid is Vault of Glass and I need to somehow get to lvl 26 and have my clan be lvled up as well. That will be tough but I can't wait to give it a try.

Speaking of, I joined a clan of like-minded fellows and we're called D3stinysChild. I'm proud of the clever name, feel free to apply! We could use more people.

But Queen's wrath also really has me interested. For one it seems like a free update, which is always great, but it looks like it will be something with single player and maybe a strike? I hope so. I would love to see more single player and I'm already bummed that we won't get some content as it is a Playstation exclusive for one year. That's a long time.

But yeah free updates, not a lot of games do that. Titanfall makes you pay $15 in order to get 3 maps, but this looks like it will be more. That's really cool. I just hope Bungie can keep getting out the news and hyping out the crowds because I'm gonna guess that a lot of the reviews for the game aren't too great. I have a feeling people either didn't play enough of it to see how much stuff gets unlocked later on, and/or don't know that this really is a first chapter to a larger game. People may want to hold off until the Game of the Year edition, but this game will probably keep getting bigger and better.

Can't wait to get home and play some more. See you starside!

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