The Amazing Spider Tank

The Amazing Spider Tank
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Epic Deck Tech Theory: Championless Deck

I have been trying to think of a new theme for my Deck Tech series, and while thinking of the worst decks to create for my new Bitter Draft variant, I was thinking of an event-only deck that gave very little card draw, as well as provide no champions in order to win. But that got me thinking, can I create a decent deck using only events, with the only champions either coming from tokens, or stealing them from my opponent? Sounds like a fun challenge.

So my initial thinking is that I will be going with Evil and Wild, since they deal with the token cards I like. I could go Good, but they really require champions to be really good, and Evil and Wild are more in my wheelhouse. First I grab the obvious Evil token generators like Demonic Breach, Necrovirus, Plague Zombies, and even Inner Demon. While I'm in the color I also grab the obvious Evil 0-costs as well like Word of Summoning, Raxxa's Curse, and Plentiful Dead. I figure I will want some sweepers so I grab Apocalypse and some Demonic Rising for a surprise card that can finish a game for me. I also decide to give The Risen a chance, since I have so many Evil tokens running around. I finish off with Drain Essence, which is just such a good removal spell that gives me lifegain. I have two more spots for 0-costs. There are lots of options but Heinous Feast might be better for some discard pile hate.


I then go over to Wild, and I quickly see that I actually don't want that much from it. I could go into some burn spells but I decide to keep the token theme going. Hunting Pack and Wolf's Call seem fairly obvious, especially since I want to include Wolf's Bite. I then think about sweepers and direct damage, and Savage Uprising fits that bill quite nicely.

I am wondering about card draw and since I run all events, I imagine I will want Lesson Learned. So I quickly grab those, the obvious Ancient Chant to go along with it, and some Frantic Digging as well. I could go with Amnesia, and that would also be fine. 


Lastly, I decide I would like to put in Blind Squire for some trade-up options, and then I remember that Inheritance of the Meek is a pretty awesome sweeper when you run tokens, and Urgent Messengers is always a fun Draw-2-And card. 

Deck: 60 cards
Packs: Set One (3), Tyrants (3), Uprising (3)

Even though this deck may not be tournament worthy, I think it's an ok deck with a fun shtick. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that could improve upon this deck. Thoughts? Comments? Let me know what you think, and as always, happy gaming!