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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Helpful hints for Destiny

Here is an ongoing helpful hints post with stuff I've found around the interwebs that have helped me so far. *This is probably more for the hardcore types that are playing end game content (Warning: Possible Spoilers):

- Pay attention to the shield type of your enemies. Although all enemies with a shield have a white bar that represents the shield, it's the color of the shield aura that you should pay attention to. The various colors correspond to a vulnerability to a weapon element type. Blue = Arc (spiky blue throwing star symbol). Orange = Solar (flame symbol). Purple - Void (purple swirl). Kinetic damage is the default that a weapon can have. If you try to attack someone with a damage type of anything other than the one they are vulnerable to, you take a 50% penalty!

- Every level you WOULD go past lvl 20 gives you a mote of light

- Save your blue engrams (and above) and don't cash them in until you are lvl 20 because they scale up to your lvl when you cash them in. Might has well have more chances to get that "light" gear.

- There is a cap on the amount of marks you can get from a faction, at 100 a week. You can still get rep but be wary. You can view how much you've gained by looking at your profile or in the game where the Vanguard and Crucible icons on the map are. You will see a ring start to surround the icons and when they are full you are done for the week.
- Although I love my single player, in multiplayer you can probably get Crucible marks a lot faster than Vanguard marks since you get the same amount from playing a Crucible control match as you do for a single player Strike, and since a control match is only 10 minutes, it will go a lot more quickly.

- If you love the stuff from the other Factions in Destiny make sure you buy the Faction piece, equip it, and then whenever you'd normally get Vanguard or Crucible marks and rep, you will instead get that Faction. Also, make sure you aren't accidentally wearing a faction item and thus getting rep and marks from a Faction you don't want.

- If you completely run out of ammo for your primary and secondary weapons, if you just stand still for like 30 seconds, it will automatically replenish. It's awesome! I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen because I don't know why anyone would bother to buy those ammo refills with this being around. It was invaluable during the Nightfall Strike. It also replenished some heavy ammo as well!

- Level up the Cryptarch. Every time you cash in an engram he gets some experience. Soon, after every level he gains, he will send you a package which will frequently be a legendary engram and you can get some really decent things. I'm even started to spend some glimmer and just bought some engrams from him, then cashed them back in in order to give him more xp. If you keep buying the same type of item the amount of xp he gets keeps increasing as well!

- Pick up any crafting materials you see. You don't want to be spending tons of time trying to farm them, and you will definitely need them all.

- Make sure you do at least one public event a day if at possible. You can get Ascendant Shards from it which are really hard to find and are needed to upgrade your higher lvl armor. Plus, if you have multiple characters that means multiple shards, and you can put them in your storage bank for anyone to use.

- Keep in mind that although it might be fun to do your Daily Heroic Story at a lesser Heroic level, if you do the top tier difficulty you can also get Ascendant Shards.

- Legendary and Exotic items can give you Ascendant Materials if they are dismantled. Have a legendary weapon you probably will never use? Break it down!

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