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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Epic: The Card Game Digital Kickstarter

So the Epic Digital Kickstarter starts today! I am very excited about this. Go here to back it!

This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to play this awesome game with a lot more people. They are offering quite a lot of options with this app:

App Features

  • Unlimited Copies of all 120 Cards in the Base Set
  • No Random Packs (Get a set for one low price and own every card!)
  • Purchase Once, Unlocks On All Four Platforms
  • Single Player Campaign Mode
  • Tutorial 
  • Online Asynchronous Play
  • Online Real-time Play*
  • Dark Draft
  • Random 30 (Sealed)
  • Constructed
  • Beginner Decks (AKA Preconstructed Decks)  
  • Deck Builder
  • Friends List*
  • Challenge Friends
  • Play Against Random Epic Players Around the World
  • Ranked Heads-up Games*
  • Leagues*
  • Tournaments*
  • World Championship Qualifiers*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Tyrants Expansion*
  • Unlimited Copies of all 48 Cards in the Uprising Expansion*
  • In-app Currency (Event Tickets)* 
  • Cosmetic Upgrades (Alt-Art Cards, Avatars, Digital Playmats)*
  • Campaign Upgrades (Additional Maps, Character Abilities, Etc.)*
  • And More (The best ideas from you, our backers, will be added as app features!)*
The features with an asterisk are planned for the Beta, everything else is ready RIGHT NOW in the Alpha!
Here are some particular highlights for me:

1. Purchase once, unlocks for all platforms (PC, Android, iOS, MAC). That is awesome. I hate it when other games make you buy the game multiple times.

2. Single player Campaign mode - I always enjoy these. I'm not expecting much but when a game goes digital it really opens up the options you can do with a game. I really hope they eventually put a raid aspect or a co op format in the game. I would love to face off against a giant enemy with impossible odds.

3. Leagues and Tournaments - I love this addition. This will really spread the game out. It will be a lot easier to play in tournaments when you can do so in the comfort of your own home. I will love just setting up tournaments with friends, but a big league will be a lot of fun too. I also can't wait for the qualifiers that will be available via the digital app. Hopefully I won't need them because I will have already qualified somehow but it will be nice to have more opportunities.

4. Cosmetic Upgrades - It's always fun to bling your collection. I hope there are a lot of options.

5. This is not obvious from the App features but you can back this game for only $25 and get the entire game and all it's current expansions (also Alpha access!). The physical game is already a ridiculous deal but this is insane. Plus, since it's digital, you can unlimited copies! So no more proxy-ing! Yay!

I have already backed it, why haven't you?

Things I hope they add. I am sure I will come up with more once the Alpha gets started (Next Month!).

1. A wider deck building screen. I am sure this was just a rushed pic from the app, but I hope we will be able to pan out and get a view of our entire deck without having to scroll. I understand that on mobile devices that may be difficult, but it shouldn't be for a PC. While I'm talking about the deck builder, I really just hope that it's similar to the Epic Foundry deck builder. That is awesome. You can search for cards, you simply hover over a card to see the card, and it's very easy to use. Maybe even have a thing where you can upload decks from Epic Foundry to the app!

2. I already mentioned this, but in addition to the campaign I want specific challenges and achievements. I'd like some cosmetic stuff to have to be unlocked. I want stuff to work towards. This goes into helping one bling one's collection.

3. Easy to figure out ways of streaming and chat - This will be a very social game, and I currently am very inept when it comes to this stuff. I hope it's easy to figure out.

4. An offline way to play the game against yourself. I will sometimes want to test out decks against each other, and it can be easier if I just do it myself. I would love it if this was a feature.

As of this writing they are almost 50% funded, with a month left to go, so I have no worries that it will be funded. I can't wait to hear more about the various features and I can't wait to get my hands on it next month. Rest assured I will be talking about this a lot in the future. If you want to check out the game for a really low price go and back it, you won't regret it! You can go back it here!

Happy gaming!

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