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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Epic Deck Tech Theory (Discard Pile Hate)

This is a new attempt for me. I'm gonna take a concept or a card, or a strategy, and build a deck around it. My first attempt will be a discard pile hate deck.

This concept is most famously talked about by Tom Sorenson on his blog. This concept is also primarily talked about in regards to Dark Draft and Limited formats since the deck size is only 30 cards and there is a great risk of a player winning by decking out (ie drawing from an empty draw pile). However, mass discard pile banishing is still important in Constructed. You can really slow decks down and control them by getting rid of their discard piles. With an empty discard pile they cannot use Recycle triggers, they cannot recall useful cards like Lightning Storm, they cannot Lesson Learned-combo Ancient Chant, and they cannot bring back pesky champions like Soul Hunters. Some players also believe it is one of the prime strategies against the strong Kark decks that helped win the Epic World Championship last year.

With this in mind I decided to just create a deck using all of the cards that help banish cards from the discard pile, and see what I can come up with.

Currently, these are the cards that can banish cards from your opponent's discard pile:




Corpse Taker - 0 cost
Corpsemonger - 0 cost
Grave Demon - 1 cost
Guilt Demon - 0 cost
Heinous Feast - 0 cost

Amnesia - 0 cost
Erratic Research - 1 cost
Keeper of Secrets - 0 cost

So if I add 3 of each card into the deck I am already almost at my limit for 0 cost cards. I have room for 2 others. With 12 0-cost cards in Evil (need at least 24 1-cost cards), and 6 in Sage (need at least 12 1-cost cards), I am most assuredly staying in Evil and Sage, which is a fine combination. So now I guess I should just start adding other cards to the deck and see what we can get.

For Evil I will take some of my favorites. I am thinking Evil can supply me with a lot of decent token generators and that will be my primary win condition. Mass token attacking and pinging down my opponent's health while I control the discard pile.

I think I'll add 3 of Medusa, Rift Summoner, Raxxa Demon Tyrant. These guys either give me lots of tokens that can try to win it for me, or provide some nice direct removal. I should probably add Drain Essence as that is an amazing card for removal and health gain. Final Task is also nice for grabbing myself (or my opponent's) best champions. I'll grab some Soul Hunters for an alternate win condition. Some Murderous Necromancer (I want to try this guy out and see if he's any good) for direct removal/token creation and Zombie Apocalypse for mass removal (and since I have so much discard pile removal my opponent shouldn't get very many zombies).

For Sage I will be concentrating on the more controlling side to compliment my mass discard pile control. Thought Pluckers and Knight of Shadows seem pretty obvious, as does Sea Titan so I can keep grabbing my 0 costers back (including the Corpse Taker so I can get my Sea Titan again if he gets killed). I think I'll grab some Mist Guide Heralds for consistency and some Helions for more control. I had room for 2 more 0 cost cards in the deck so I decided to go for Frantic Digging. My thinking is that I have so much discard pile hate that there will be times I will have too much. Frantic Digging also allows me to help with drawing cards. It's also quite nifty while using Soul Hunters :).

So this is the decklist (Thanks Epic Foundry!):

Deck: 60 cards
Packs: Set One (3), Tyrants (3), Uprising (3)

So ping down your opponent's health with tokens, use Thought Plucker and Knight of Shadows to control and slow down your opponent even more, and never let them use their discard pile. Could be fun. What do you think? Let me know! And happy gaming!

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