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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Epic Wishlist

I have looked at our past, and tried to get a glimpse of our future by looking at the old Epic TCG. Now I just want to touch upon some other ideas out there that I wouldn't mind seeing implemented into my favorite game.

I have said that I would like some of the abilities from the old Epic TCG. I would like the Range Keyword as it is basically first strike and I think that would be a fun and simple addition to the game. I would also like the discard ability found on some of those cards where you discard a card from a certain alignment and get to do something, like the Ancient Red Dragon's ability to tap him discard a Wild card to deal 5 damage to a target champion or player. I would also kind of like the Demoralize ability from the TCG. The Queen of the Underworld has this ability and although I don't want to add tokens into the game, I think changing a target champion to an 0/1 for a turn would be a decent ability.



We do have cards that play from the discard pile, and some like Smash and Burn that even allow you to have a special ability from the discard pile. I want more of those, but I'd also like some to be modifiers from the discard pile. Epic TCG had the Spawning Queen, and while she was in your discard pile your insect tokens would get +1/1. I think a zombie themed undead queen would be pretty cool to have.

Here are some other ideas I'd like to explore:

I would like each faction to have a champion that taps itself in order to give a target champion an ability. There could be a variety of options and each faction could have a different one. They could be new abilities or simply give a keyword for a turn. For example, you could have a Wild champion that taps to give a target champion Breakthrough until the end of the turn. Maybe a Good champion that taps to give a champion Airborne or Righteous. Stuff like that.

Speaking of Breakthrough, I'd an ability that's basically the reverse of Breakthrough. Call it Counter or Riposte:

Counter/Reposte - When dealing damage, take the total offense of champions with Counter/Riposte in the defense, subtract the total defense of all attacking champions, you may assign the remainder to the attacking player.

This could be a really fun ability that will introduce more mind games into Epic. Should I attack with that Dark Knight, knowing that my opponent may have a high attack Counter/Riposte unit with Ambush in hand?

I also would like an ability that functions similarly to what Magic does with its banish. I want Epic to have something that removes cards from the game. Maybe you could only remove them from the discard pile to prevent it from being too overpowered. Not only would this be able to remove very pesky cards like Soul Hunter or Ancient Chant, but it could give "decking" decks a viable chance at winning. Maybe you keep removing all your cards from play and you draw your last card and you win. Could be fun. It would make for an easier way of reaching that win condition, and I doubt it would be too overpowered since there is so much discard pile hate in the game already.

I, and my friend Josiah, have talked about this one before, but I'd like an ability on a champion that while it's in play, players cannot heal. Josiah made up a card that does this in his Lord of the Decay. This would be another easy addition to the game, but it would make for a lot of good plays as a result. It's a simple partial solution to Kark decks, for example. :)

I also would like a swarm ability. I can't remember who suggested this, and I thought they linked it to the old Epic TCG, but I never found something with that ability. It would be an ability where you could tap to add it's strength/defense to a target champion. This could allow for some good buffing to units that manage to get through after an opponent plays Ceasefire, or to punish players that spend their gold too quickly or allow a champion through. I like it thematically as well: These little guys adding their power in a rallying call to help their champion.

I want some kind of Epic Raid or something. It could be controlled via AI or maybe another player. But I want to face off against a giant boss and work together with teammates in order to overcome them. Something like what the World of Warcraft TCG did back in the day? Or hopefully what Hero Realms will do in the future ;)

In addition to some of these (genius) ideas, there are couple of other things I would like to see for Epic:

More Minotaurs. I know we have the Bellowing Minotaur but I want a named character, or a zombie token of a Minotaur. I know this argument is like beating a dead Minotaur, but I can't help myself.

In that same light I want some more token art. I was very sad to not get any new art in Uprising. I know they haven't officially given non-kickstarter people the alt art yet (they should), but I'd like to see even more.

More Dragons, Angels, Dinosaurs, and Demons. I know we continue to see more of these in every set, but keep them coming!

I want ratmen. I believe there are some sneaking about in the Lying in Wait card, but I'd like to see them fleshed out some more.

Some kind of goblins or maybe the orcs from Hero Realms. I need some green gobo goodness in Epic. Nothing is funnier than sending off goblins to die in horrible ways.

I want some giant spiders in Epic. Arachnarok could be a name used. I need some webby Shelob shenanigans in Epic.

We need werewolves. Andrew Kapish made this beautiful and wonderful card and it makes me want them more. We have the card, Rage, which has a werewolf on it, make it happen captain!

Anyway these are just some of the ideas that have been cooking in my noggin for a while now. What do you think? What would you like to see added? Let me know. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming in the new year!

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