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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Suggestions for Pit People

I love Pit People. It is great fun. I talked about the game at length here. In this article, I'm basically writing a letter to the developers that they shall read and definitely listen to, in regards to what I think will make Pit People even better.

First, let me again say how much I have been enjoying the game so far. If my 30+ hours and only ~20% completion is any indication, I have lots more to enjoy in the future. Allow me the chance to subtly suggest and not threaten the developers with ways that could improve their wonderful game.

1. More Stamper. Part of what made Battleblock Theater so entertaining was the constant narration of Stamper making fun of and yelling at you. It really made the game shine. All of the limited story we have had so far was amazing, but the rest of the game did not showcase Stamper nearly enough. I want to hear more from him in the Pit, for example, or around the map. Please add more.

2. More Story. The story is awesome so far, and you've said you will be adding more. I hope it's lots more, because I am really enjoying it thus far.

3. Better Descriptions - The game as is is not very beginner friendly. I had to play a lot before I figured out how the game works. There needs to be some more tips or ways of showing you how to do things. Something as simple as informing you that most of the gear and weapons are cosmetic, and that the only difference is the class of weapon and maybe an element or special ability attached to it. While we're at it, I wouldn't mind a more thorough and precise look at what the various weapons do add to your characters. They showcase a lot already, but I would like to be told that smaller swords hit twice, or that throwing axes give you a chance to riposte an enemy that attacks adjacent to you. Also it'd be nice to see exactly how far some of the ranged units can get.

4. Leveling - It is an odd thing right now it the Pit in PVP or PVE that a lower leveled team actually performs better than a higher one. Since a lower leveled team lvls up more in a match, it performs consistently better, despite the high lvled team having boosted stats. I like the lvling mechanic with the healing and everything, but my higher lvled team should be better, not worse. My suggestion is to make all characters level up the same no matter what level they are. The jump from level 1 to 2 should take the same experience as 90-91. That would make it even across the board and give higher leveled teams a slight boost.

5. Variety in the marketplace and customization - Perhaps I have not visited enough, but there seems to be limited variety in the marketplace. It's almost always just humans. I think I saw a Unicorn once, but it'd be nice if the other creatures got showcased in the marketplace.

6. Customization - Could we get some more customizable options when it comes to the nonhumans? The humans get tons of awesome stuff, and I love that, but a lot of the other races do not have nearly enough in my opinion. The hairy trolls only get different heads? Can we have different hair styles or maybe even different hair colors at least? Maybe different expressions? I love the little Kobolds, can we have more than just backpack changes? Little stuff like that. Also, we could use multiple skins of capturing nets. Pokeballs, minicages, beartraps, ghostbuster traps, whatever. They could just be different skins and function just the same. I'd just like more customs. Also steampunk items.

7. Equipping - This has to do with equipping your characters. Right now you have to load up a character, unequip all of their stuff, load up a different character, THEN give them the items. This is a little clunky. Can't a team have access to your entire inventory? You can only have 1 team active at once. If you only have 1 obsidian sword, then only 1 person on a team can have it, but allow us to equip it onto 1 person on each team so we can save some time.

8. More caravan item slots - Can we get some more slots for our caravans while we explore? You fight one time and your inventory is like 75% full. I don't want to have to keep going back to the base or risk losing treasure. It also would make items like the campfire and resurrection more useful, since right now you basically have to go back to town anyway after a battle.

9. Autoplay mode - I love that addition. Please don't change it. It is definitely not an advantage as if you play someone else, they should really be able to win.

10. Music - I would like the ability to change the music while on the big map. The western theme got very old. I liked the title music, I wouldn't mind hearing that more often in the game. It seems like you have a variety of songs available in the town, I hope we can expand that to other parts of the game as well.

Make a board game of Pit People - This game could translate into a board game so easy. Take a cue from the guys who make League of Legends and make a board game of Pit People. That would be awesome. Hex based combat works very well. You could have Lego-like figures to customize a team's look. Heck, you could act the devil and make booster packs with items in them. Dice based combat would probably be best. If you ever need some help developing it, I would be glad to help. I am heavily invested in the board game community and have a lot of experience in them.

Other names to add:
Hammer Time
Cannon Fodder
Blood Donor
Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker
Fart Fig Newton
Poop Face
Weiner Schnitzel
Lord Stanley
Gustafus Gus
Seymor Butts
Cupcake War
General Tso
War on Drugs
Star Ward
I did it
Guilty as charged
Smelt it
Dealt it
Oldie Von Moldie
Cantankerous Shrew
Edgar Allen Poop
P. Ap Smear
Babyface McGee
Sugaly Clube
Mulligan McMurphy
Rage Monster
L'Carpetron Dookmarriot
Hingle McCringleberry
Ozmataz Buttshank
Osh Gosh
Donkey Punch

That's probably enough to choose from for now ;)

What do you think? Any ideas stand out? Any I'm missing? Let me know. I hope you enjoyed. Happy gaming!

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