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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Epic Dark Draft Decisions (4)

Welcome to the 4th edition of Epic Dark Draft Decisions!

I use a random card generator to generate a hand of 5 cards from a complete singleton set of Epic, which includes the Core, the Tyrants, and new Uprising sets. I will then analyze the hand and decide what I would tend to pick if I were to draw that hand in the Dark Draft format of play. I will decide which card to pick if I got that pack, as well as which 2 cards I'd pick if I got the remaining 4. For the sake of consistency, I will assume this is the first pack I open.

For your information and as a reminder, here are the Dark Draft rules from the official website:

Dark Draft (2 players)
  • Shuffle a stack of at least 120 cards. Deal 5 to each player.
  • Each player takes 1 card out of their hand of five cards and drafts it, then passes the other 4 to the other (at the same time).
  • Each player takes 2 cards out of their new hand of four cards and drafts them, then discards the remaining two cards into a shared face-down discard pile.
Both players now have drafted three cards. Repeat nine times to get to a 30-card deck, shuffle and play.
This is a fun, fast, and skill-testing draft format for two players. Many of our competitive events use this format in the playoff rounds. This format is used in our World Championship. Source:

Anything good in this pack?



Well this sucks, lol. That is a lot of good stuff. My opponent is going to be very happy with whatever I pass him/her. Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Djinn is a solid pick, giving you are very large, Blitzing body with which to hit face, or just sit back and draw some cards, all the while not requiring any Loyalty or commitment. Draka is also amazing. You really need that Loyalty trigger, but a flying 9/9 is very hard to get rid of, and he can wipe out an opposing player's weenie blockers.

Frost Giant has quickly become one of my favorite cards to play as it can be such a devastating trick to play against your opponent who thinks they are able to defend you. If you manage to get a Surprise Attack, it can save your life as well. He also doesn't require Loyalty or a commitment. Raging T-Rex is a good card but only if you hit the Loyalty. If you can, he is incredible, and since I personally love going after Wild, it's often not hard to get that Loyalty. Ridiculously, I think The People's Champion is the worst card in this set, but he's not a pushover at all. Requiring no Loyalty (although he is better if you have a lot of Good cards), he is a solid body that puts out some weenie blockers or little attackers that can ping your opponent down.

If I take Draka I can still grab lots of other Wild stuff to make it useful, and I make it less likely that my opponent will take T-Rex without the Loyalty. Although that almost guarantees they will take either Djinn and/or Frost Giant. If I take Frost Giant, I could easily push my opponent into Wild with Draka and T-Rex. Ugh, this is gonna be a hard match.

I think I have to go with Frost Giant. For me it's between Draka and the Forst Giant but I really like removing all my opponent's blockers. I also don't have to worry about hitting Loyalty and I haven't committed to a color that way either. Sage is also incredible so I'm not gonna be hung up on having a Sage card. That's a really tough choice though and my opponent is going to be very happy.

If I got this pack from my opponent I would be very happy and yet very scared of what card they picked over every other one. I think I gotta go Wild and take Draka and the T-Rex. That is just too good a jump into Wild for me to ignore. I have seen far too many little blitzing champions and weenies on my opponent's board to not want a board clear and a flying giant dragon. And having that card draw and a body with T-Rex can be a game changer too. It definitely does force me down a Wild path as I really need to hit those Loyalty triggers, and since my opponent passed me those it's very possible that they will counter draft Wild cards to try and screw me over so maybe that's a bad choice. I dunno. That's the fun with Dark Draft.

Anyway I'm sure people will disagree with my decision and I'd love to hear why. So let me know in the comments, and as always, happy gaming!

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