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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Epic Deck Tech Theory: Dragons!!!

So for this deck tech I'm taking a more fun thematic route, and focusing on my favorite "tribe" from Epic:Dragons!

If you are a fan of Epic I bet a lot of you are also fans of dragons. I know for me part of my interest in Epic stemmed from the gorgeous art, and of course the art for the dragons is top notch. In other card games playing dragons can be a long trek as they are usually very expensive. However, in Epic I can play a dragon every turn if I want to! As Epic has grown, so has our pool of dragons from which to choose. So today I am posting a deck that is for the dragons. All the dragons. Dragons FTW.


So to start out I first am putting in the deck 3 copies of every dragon in the game:
Blue Dragon, Draka, Draka's Enforcer, Gold Dragon, Ice Drake, Pyrosaur (dragon for a day), Silver Dragon, Strafing Dragon, Thundarus, White Dragon. That's 10 different dragons from 3 factions (none from Evil), so that's 30 cards. The rest of the cards I'm gonna put in are events and 0 cost cards to even the deck out.

Deck: 60 cards
Packs: Set One (3), Tyrants (3), Uprising (3)

I really want Surprise Attack so I can always play any of my dragons. I really want to attack on my opponent's turn before I spend gold, and they will most likely have to spend gold to get rid of any of my dragons, and when they do, I will hit them with another dragon.

I also wanted to make sure I could grab enough cards in the game so stuff like Frantic Digging, Erase, and Smash and Burn fit that role nicely, with S&B also doubling as solid removal. I have several little removal spells in Rain of Fire, Lightning Strike, Fireball, and Wolf's Bite. And my big sweepers are Wave of Transformation and Draka's Fire. I also threw in Amnesia for some discard pile hate and a Recycle trigger and Rage for some combat tricks.

As I said my goal for this deck is to play a dragon every turn. Preferably I will put one in on my opponent's turn, and then attack before spending gold on my own. I have a lot of very tough units so they should be able to trade nicely with most opposing champions, and their natural Airborne abilities will give them a lot of protection from chump blockers and the like.

I think this will be a very fun deck simply because of all the dragons. You can play out your very on Reign of Fire with your Rain of Fire's help. Light your opponent's cities on fire with the breathe of your great sky wyrms! Now where are my Evil dragons? Surely, some dragon could be corrupted, or maybe the carcass just reanimated?

It feels like an all or nothing deck, as when your dragons hit, they hit really hard. If Thundarus comes out and stays alive for a turn, you might just win. If Gold Dragon stays alive, you may gain enough health to make Kark jealous. Hopefully any negatives this deck has will be covered by the fun you will have with your dragons. I recommend picking up some Draka card sleeves to compliment your deck as well.

I hope you can have fun with this deck, I know I will. What is your favorite Dragon card art? Let me know in the comments. And happy gaming!

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