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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Epic: Dark Draft Decisions (16)

We know what Dark Draft is by this point, right? If not, check out my previous entries on my blog. Time to stop wasting space and just get into it, whaddya say?



Angel of Light - An awesome looking card, with an equally awesome alt art card IMO. That being said, it's a solid card in all manner of Epic play. Airborne and Ambush are always very good abilities to have, and 6 health helps survive a lot of the direct damage that exists in the game that are popular like Forked Lightning and Lightning Strike. You will also always get at least 5 health from her, and maybe even 10 if you manage to hit the loyalty, although I generally do not favor going Good in a draft.

Drinker of Blood - Ah, the bane of my existence. This stupid guy was probably a big factor as to why I didn't qualify for Worlds last year. I just kept trying to make a deck with this guy work and I should have seen the weaknesses and played something else. Oh well. It's a fun card to pull off, although very difficult in Limited. Still, if you manage to get some removal while he's out, he can be very decent. Having Airborne and Unbreakable on your turn is decent too.

Fairy Trickster - Airborne, Ambush, and Blitz is an awesome combination on a unit, and having it in Sage definitely helps. I do not like its ability very much. It's way too random. Maybe if you just think of it in terms of its keywords and being a 5/5, you will be better off. That 5 health does make it worse than Angel of Light though.

Murderous Necromancer - I never thought too highly of this card until I saw several other players play it and love it. It is growing on me. I might prefer it in Constructed where I can hit that loyalty more consistently, but that 6 life helps stay around, and if he can stay around, he can lock out an opponent forever, and keep supplying you with tokens. My favorite play would be to Surprise Attack him in on my turn, hit the loyalty, and then be able to use his ability and attack with zombies on my turn.

Pack Alpha - This is another card I've never thought highly of, and unfortunately still don't. Even if we eventually get Keira, Wolf Caller legal, this card is just too inconsistent for it to be worth it IMO. If you manage to have a bunch of other wolf tokens around, this isn't awful as it can make your wolves much better, but I think I'd rather take my chances elsewhere.

So if I am looking at this pack, the two cards I am debating are Angel of Light and Murderous Necromancer. I am not really in love with either, but I think they are the best options here. I also want to keep in mind loyalty costs though and I would rather go Evil, than Good. Also, I don't really want to pass my opponent 2 Evil cards if I take Angel of Mercy. So I think going with Murderous Necromancer is the thing to do here. I will definitely have to keep in mind that my opponent has an opportunity to grab 2 Airborne units with this pack.

If I received this pack I think I would go with Angel of Light and Fairy Trickster. Angel of Light I just like anyway, and I do want to give Fairy Trickster a chance. Plus, I don't have to worry about loyalty costs with FT and it might help me with Sage loyalty costs later. I am sure I can make use of 2 Airborne Ambush units. I think I may actually be happier receiving this pack second, actually.

So what do you guys think? Let me know. And happy gaming!

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