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The Amazing Spider Tank
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Epic Dark Draft Decisions Pantheon (1)

This is more for fun since we have 5 cards from the new Pantheon set spoiled, so why not just draft them using the Dark Draft rules? For those of you unaware, I am considering this to be the first pack opened in a Dark Draft. I get to pick 1 card, then pass the remainder to my opponent, who will pick 2. So here we go with the first draft of Pantheon!

Steel Titan - I have talked about this guy before. I think he will be a Limited monster. If your opponent doesn’t draft certain cards, this guy can win you the game by himself. It is slow, but so is Sea Titan and that is one of the most sought after Limited cards in a draft. This card maybe even more so.

Steed of Scara - Loyalty 2 cards lose some of their luster in Limited. Evil is known for its amazing Loyalty triggers, but it requires a pretty decent investment into Evil cards, and that is not always guaranteed. This is a decent card, and even more so with Loyalty, but I think there are better cards in this pack.

Elf Shaman - In my final’s loss last year in a World Championship Qualifier against the eventual top-8- at-Worlds- player, Gabriel Costa-Gionni , he showed me the value of grabbing every 0-cost champion possible and just plinking down an opponent’s health while controlling the board. I have always liked Dark Knight and this card reminds of him. A 5/5 Blitzing 0-cost is annoying to just take, and you might force your opponent to spend their gold first. This is very high on my take-list in a draft. The secondary ability is nice, but probably won’t be a factor in Limited.

Will of Scara - Card draw in Limited is very important, and this is the only card in the pack that helps you do that. With a strong Evil dedication, this card gets even better. It’s also one of the cards that can take care of champions like the above Steel Titan, since you are not targeting the champion, only the play. However, you better hope they don’t have some chump champion lying around or it will be a waste.

Battle Angel - This card is alright in Limited. A 7/7 Airborne can be difficult to deal with, as it trades nicely with a lot of fliers. But it’s not doing much else. If you have a lot of Good events then she is better, but right now, Good is still the worst faction in general to go for in a draft. So when compared to the rest of this pack, I will probably pass.


So after thinking about the pack I’m going to go with Steel Titan. I think that’s a pretty obvious pick. I definitely never want to pass it to my opponent. That being said, I am technically giving my opponent a chance to grab a card that can deal with it, but I will take that chance. If I received this pack I would take at least the Elf Shaman, for reasons I’ve already mentioned. It would be tempting to grab the 2 Evil cards but I think Elf Shaman is a safer pick that doesn’t pigeon-hole me into a faction. My other pick would probably be Will of Scara. I can keep a lookout for other Evil cards but I won’t be killing myself to get them. Will of Scara will be a draw-2 or a Sea Titan/ Steel Golem/ Steel Titan, etc removal with some luck.

Well that’s it for the first pack worth of cards from the new Pantheon set. I can’t wait for some more to come around! What do you think, what would you pick?

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